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Tasmania's quaintest town.

Penguin, could easily lay claim to the title of the quaintest town in Tasmania. Penguin is reached in just twenty minutes from Devonport along the fast moving Bass Highway or by a gentler and more scenic meander along the old coastal road, with views that rival the iconic Great Ocean Road. The sparkling green sea close to the coast is contrasted with the deeper blue ocean of Bass Strait. Penguin’s main beach proudly faces north, enjoying brilliant sunshine, golden sand, and pristine views.

The town is bursting with creativity, craft, coffee and community. It is home to the beautiful children’s bookshop and toy store The Small Folk store, which has a huge online following. From Penguin it is a short drive up the coast to the amazing beaches and coastal scenery of Table Cape and Boat Harbour. The fascinating historic village of Stanley boasts The Nut, a sheer bluff which is all that remains of a volcanic plug, is just over an hour away. A similar distance south from Penguin is Cradle Mountain with bushwalking tracks and boardwalks for hikers of all ability.

Finally, Penguin boasts penguins. Yes, all along the coast these cute little guys return every night to their burrows after their daily adventures. Like the penguins we venture out during the day and return each evening. Following the penguins’ lead, the idea of making a burrow in Tasmania’s quaintest town of Penguin seems like a good idea.

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