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A re post from Hannah Alexander ( nee Quadrio)

A post from Hannah Allexander ( need Quadrio) And now the three. ⁣

Three children who grew up taking those holidays by the sea. Who filled the Holden commodore with their swimming gear, clothes and books. Who fought over the middle seat and cluttered the apartment floor with their toys. ⁣

On the very first holiday, there was only one baby—but in no time there were three. And then they grew. Toddlers turned into preschoolers and then teenagers. ⁣

Over the years, the family went back again and again, and those weeks by the sea became a kind of anchor. On the veranda, with a cup of tea in their hands, the couple discussed the things before them—they mourned loved ones who had passed on, reeled in the shock of lost jobs and made plans for going forward.⁣

Then at night, when they tucked the children into their bunk beds, they remembered that in all the ups and downs, what mattered most was being together. ⁣ Now the three have their own families. There are new daughters and a son. And five grandchildren who clutter the floor with their toys. ⁣ And the couple want to offer the same gift to them—and you.⁣ Simple holidays where you can slow down, take stock and connect with the natural world.⁣ There’s a cottage on a hill in Penguin, Tasmania and a house in the trees in South West Rocks, NSW. ⁣ In both, you can make yourself a cup of tea and stare out at the ocean as you take stock of all that is before you. ⁣

And we’re ready to hand over the keys.

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